Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) at TABA is a dedicated group of Builders, developers, and associate Members who are very much in tune with the local governments of our jurisdiction.

Those serving TABA on the Government Affairs Committee include: Chuck Lucko, John Howe, Jason Carothers, Tony Gallagher, Jim Howe, Derrick Hunt, John Kiella, Megan Kiella, David Patterson, Pat Patterson, Mike Pilkington, Russell Schneider, Bruce Walker, Steve Wright, Ryan Waldron, Jared Bryan and Marty Janczak.

The GAC regularly communicates with the Government Affairs Director and assists with policy development and lobby efforts.

The GAC often holds meetings twice a month. These meetings serve as our monthly policy meeting and dialogue session.

The majority of the GAC serves on city boards, such as planning and zoning commissions, Chamber of Commerce boards, Economic Development Corporation boards, or local utility boards. Those who have not served on city boards regularly volunteer for city committees or workgroups.

The Government Affairs Committee works diligently to monitor regulatory issues that impact the building industry and remains an active and influential committee at TABA.


TABA Government Advocacy


TABA Government Advocacy