TABA – COVID-19 Update

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Dear TABA Members,

The last week has been an extraordinary moment for our nation, state and for the association. The battle against this virus is an unprecedented challenge unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime.

The Temple Area Builders Association is doing everything in our power to keep the housing industry open for business. This includes working with area jurisdictions to ensure that we are able to continue, with jobsite safety being our utmost priority.

Along with food and water, housing is a core element of human existence. As such, permitting, inspection, construction and the transfer of ownership of housing is an inextricable part of our essential infrastructure. 

At this time the Shelter In Place order does not affect commercial or residential construction in Bell County. We are in contact with area jurisdictions and working with them to convey changes in their permitting and inspection operations.

Like everyone else, local jurisdictions are implementing social distancing practices and limiting gatherings to 10 or fewer people. We implore you to do the same in your workplace and on your job sites. This will change many aspects of our operations, but it will allow us to continue working. We cannot emphasize enough how important this is!  

As we all migrate these uncharted waters, it’s important to continue to keep informed and be proactive as we take things day by day. The Texas Association of Builders and National Association of Home Builders has compiled a valuable set of resources from reputable sources for you to turn to and utilize as we navigate this ever changing set of circumstances.

Additional information and resources regarding COVID-19 can be found below:

Texas Health and Human Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
World Health Organization

With our number one priority being the health and safety of our families, employees, industry partners and community, we ask the following of you and your team.

Limit your workplace and job sites to 10 individuals or less and adhere strictly to social distancing guidelines. 

Practice good health and hygiene practices per the OSHA and CDC guidelines on a job site must be maintained or you will be at risk of being shut down and a potential fine.

Know that we are working diligently with area jurisdictions to keep our industry in business. 

It would be advisable to have any of your onsite personal to have a copy of the permit, work/delivery order(s), business card, etc. to identify them as construction workers with them at all times.

The TABA office is operational at this time, but we are limiting foot traffic to staff and leadership only. Please know that both our Executive Officer and Governmental Affairs Director are here to help you and your team(s).

We sincerely hope that you and your family stay safe and vigilant through this difficult time. We need your support as Temple Area Builders Association members collectively projecting a strong voice for the vital industry we represent. Our area’s housing industry is strong thanks to the outstanding people who are a part of it. Together we can keep them safe, keep our industry moving and ensure we all emerge even stronger in the wake of this crisis.

Thank you,

Kacie Beevers
TABA Executive Officer